• authorGopal Gidwani
  • 20-05-2022
How to use the HDFC SmartBuy platform to enhance credit card benefits?

HDFC Bank has tie-ups with various online and offline merchants for offering discounts to its customers from time to time. The HDFC SmartBuy portal lists all such merchant offers. This article focuses on what is the HDFC SmartBuy platform and how to use it to enhance credit card benefits.

  • authorGopal Gidwani
  • 13-05-2022
How to use CashKaro to earn extra cashback using credit cards?

While doing online shopping, we all love the combination of benefits like a direct discount on MRP, credit card discount, credit card reward points, and the cashback offered from marketplaces like Amazon. What if we could add one more layer of benefit as additional cashback?

  • authorArvind B
  • 01-05-2022
What are Shariah Credit Cards and why should you know about it?

In India, there are 300+ different credit cards issued by various card issuers. All cards have interest charges associated with them. What if there is a credit card that does not have an interest component?

  • authorArvind B
  • 25-04-2022
Apple iPhone payment

Apple introduces Tap to Pay feature on iPhones which turns the merchant’s iPhone into a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal. The customer taps their contactless credit, debit cards on the back of the merchant’s iPhone to complete a transaction.

  • authorArvind B
  • 22-04-2022
How to settle credit card debt using credit cards?

Credit cardholders who own multiple credit cards earn a lot of benefits from their issuers. They repay their bills on time and enjoy offers, rewards, and cashback for their spending behavior. But this is not the same for the million card users in India. If so, banks will start going bankrupt.

  • authorCredit Cardz
  • 11-04-2022
SBI Pulse Credit Card Review

A few months back, SBI launched the SBI Pulse credit card targeting fitness enthusiasts in the country. Let's deep dive into the features of the SBI Pulse credit card to understand if you should take up this credit card.

  • authorArvind B
  • 04-04-2022
ICICI CSK Credit Card Review

By the end of the last financial year, ICICI has revamped its reward structure from Payback points to Reward points. The return rate of the Reward Points is yet to be revealed by the bank and it is speculated to be disclosed by the end of July 2022.

  • authorCredit Cardz
  • 21-03-2022
Kotak 811 Credit Card Review     

Kotak Bank has recently launched a new entry-level credit card – the Kotak 811 Credit Card. Kotak bank already has an 811 #DreamDifferent credit card. The difference with this new card is: 811 is an unsecured credit card while the #DreamDifferent card is a secured one.Let's dive into the details of this credit card and see how good it is.

  • authorCredit Cardz
  • 18-03-2022
How I stayed at Taj President Hotel for only 4500 bucks?

I recently did a staycation at Taj President, Mumbai, for two nights and paid only ₹4500 out of my pocket. How is that possible? The answer is simple: Credit cards points and their benefits. I leveraged my Amex Platinum Travel and HDFC Diners Black credit card for this. Below are the details of how I planned this short trip and how I got it so cheap.

  • authorTejas Ghongadi
  • 14-03-2022
AMEX Platinum charge card first hand experience

As promised in the previous article, I will share my personal experience using this platinum card which is one of the most detailed user experiences. The article isn’t going to talk about the features of the card since it is already published on the American Express website) but it is going

  • authorTejas Ghongadi
  • 11-03-2022
What’s the noise about super premium credit cards?

Super premium credit cards are a segment of credit cards which move beyond the traditional cashback/rewards of the entry-level and mid-range credit cards. These cards generally offer benefits in travel, dining, movies/entertainment,

  • authorWizi Team
  • 14-02-2022
Free Credit Score = Selling Your Data      

Credit scores are a very important data point about how you are behaving with your loans across all loan providers, credit cards, even short-term BNPL....

  • author Wizi Team
  • 11-02-2022
Why credit cards have high interest rates?

Both of you come to an agreement that - she will pay monthly a fixed amount (say 2,000) and since you are financially....

  • author Abishek R
  • 07-02-2022
What does the bank look for when issuing you a credit card?

At Wizi, we’ve been working with many banks (I’ll call them card issuers henceforth) on acquiring new customers for them....

  • authorJayendra Kumar Sahu
  • 04-02-2022
Why it’s a bad idea to change salary field on credit card application forms?

So we’ve been analyzing some data on why credit cards are rejected - one of the interesting things that came out is there is a lot of people frequently....

  • author Abishek R
  • 31-01-2022
Why there is no such thing as the “best credit card”?

It‘s been a busy week at Wizi HQ, we‘ve been preparing ourselves to launch seamless digital buying for credit card with one of the largest banks in the country....