Complete card control

Get more out of your cards

Manage any bank card

Smart Onboarding

Your cards are automatically identified from the credit bureau and added to the app. All you have to do is choose to activate it or not.

Know your credit card

Wizi breaks down your card for you - like how much to spend without affecting your credit profile, how much cash you can withdraw, and, obviously, where to spend which card for maximum benefits.

Smart Spends

See your card statements, the way you want. Choose from viewing your expenses by month, by card or even by category. Don’t lose sight of details & trends.

Reminders & Alerts

See what’s coming up ahead on the calendar. Stay on top of due dates, offer expiries, card application status and split payments.

Payments made easy

Wizi helps you understand the advantages of clearing your bill in full, and helps you track your payments. We’ve partnered with all the major banks & UPI vendors to help you make payments quickly & seamlessly. Our Plan & Pay feature helps you pay multiple card bills in one shot.

Pay for a single card
Pay for multiple cards
Split bills with your friends
Track your payments

Bill Payments

Wizi breaks down your bill - from additional fees to GST, and helps you understand the impact of clearing dues in full on your credit profile.

We know how hard a failed credit card payment can hit you, so we also recommend which payment mode to use in certian situations.

And of course, all payments are a 100% secure and end-to-end encrypted.

Plan & Pay

Pay multiple card bills in one shot. Plan & pay helps you understand how to spread your amount across multiple cards and suggests the best split up based on remaining amounts, interest rates & due dates.

All you have to do is decide how much you want to pay, we’ll take care of the rest.

Split Pay

Seamlessly swipe to split bills with your friends and family, and settle them directly to your card. You can control the split ratio and even turn on alerts for the others to pay you before your due date.

Share your bill, not your card.

Track Payments

High amount payments making you anxious? Not anymore.

Have full clarity on what your payment status is. Whether it is complete, or stuck somwhere in the middle - we’ll let you know where exactly things went wrong (or right) and suggest the best plan of action to course correct.

Making credit cards easy.

Discover the right credit cards for your lifestyle, manage multiple cards from your favourite banks, pay your bills, track your spends categorically and protect your credit score.


How can we help?

You can track your payments from the “Track payments” button in the bottom of the payments section. You can view for every card what is the status of your payment.

For any transactions that are above 2000 INR, split payments are enabled. You can split the transaction amongst your friends by enabling contacts access. Your friend will receive a SMS notification to download Wizi to complete the transaction.

Plan & Pay is India’s first multi card settlement feature where you can pay some or all of your cards fully or partially. Wizi intelligently distributes your amount among cards to reduce additional interest charges if you are partially paying.