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Wizi makes buying and using your banks card easier, whether you are getting a card for the first time or a pro managing multiple cards. Wizi not only helps you make the most of your card features & offers but you can now do more by sharing transactions with your friends, planning your payments for partial bill settlements, finding nearby merchants and many more.

Get more out of your credit cards.

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Getting a bank card through Wizi is breezy and spam-free. Our powerful recommendation picks the right card for you so the benefits are tailored to your lifestyle. Your profile is screened upfront to reduce the chances of a bank rejection.

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We have partnered with the best of the brands from Payment, Security, Finance & Banking sectors to give you a top notch, secure and private experience. Relax, we’ve got this.

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We handle your data with utmost responsibility so you have our trust. Your payments go through trusted partners who are PCI-DSS compliant. You hate spam, we hate spam - we will not promote “Free Credit Score” based cross-selling on our platform. We are the first app in India to upfront provide data deletion with the click, so you are in control.

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